The LEX Group

The LEX Group is a privately owned, Richmond based appellate services firm that assists litigation attorneys on a national level. Our General Services enable attorneys to "glide" through the normally cumbersome intricacies of appellate procedure. Specifically, our services are tailored for each court we serve to assist our clients in an expeditious, professional and personal manner.

The LEX Group began operation in 1995. Today we proudly serve a client list in excess of 17,000 attorneys. We are most proud to report that 54% of the firms on The American Lawyer's "Global 100, Gross Revenue" are clients of The LEX Group. This phenomenal growth and impressive client base is a true reflection of the legal community's response to our unique approach.

Several United States Courts of Appeals in the Washington area have issued statements that parties are "strongly encouraged to hand-deliver briefs" to the Clerk's office as filing by mail "may delay the processing". As part of our continuing effort to better serve appellate attorneys and in response to the demand for The LEX Group's services in the Washington, D.C. area appellate courts, The LEX GroupDC was opened in February of 2002.

Appellate work is typically less than five percent of a litigation attorney's practice. Therefore, it is an enormous undertaking to learn all the rules, intricacies and specifications of appellate procedure. Highly trained appellate paralegals save our clients and their staff valuable time and prevent unnecessary frustration. Our complimentary Summaries of the Rules of Court provide direct answers to frequently asked questions and concerns. Law schools request our Summaries to keep abreast of the ever-changing rules of appellate courts. One of our proudest accomplishments is the recognition of our knowledge and expertise within the appellate community from attorneys as well as Judges and Justices in the courts we serve.

Our dedication to our clients and the quality of our product has resulted in a loyal and expanding client base. We are not a traditional duplication or printing company. The LEX Group's commitment to excellence has set a new standard for the appellate service industry.

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