Welcome to The Lex Group, your personal appellate specialists...

Founded in 1995, The Lex Group is an appellate consulting service that assists litigation attorneys in all appellate courts nationally. Our services are specialized for each Court we serve. Our goal is to assist our clients in an expeditious, professional and personal manner making your appellate experience a successful and stress free one.

We Save You Time:

Our experienced paralegals know the rules, internal operating procedures and court preferences nationally, allowing you more time to devote to your brief and oral argument. You and your associates can concentrate on other clients, additional cases and securing new business, while we prepare your appendices, format your briefs, prepare table of contents, table of authorities and any required certificates.

We Save You Money:

By comparing our fees to your billable rate plus the time and expense of your support staff, we are confident you will agree that we are a cost effective asset. We provide estimates upon request and have no hidden fees. What you see is what you get when you work with The Lex Group.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Allow us to exceed the Court's requirements and your expectations. The Lex Group goes above and beyond to produce compliant and aesthetically pleasing formatted briefs because we know first impressions count. Court acceptance is guaranteed, as is the quality of our work.

The Lex Group is committed to our clients and the appellate courts we serve. We look forward to working with you and your staff on your next appeal.

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