Welcome to Courts Served. This section is designed to delineate all the courts where The LEX Group will serve you and your staff. Our Services details how we will help you specifically in the courts listed here.

On the federal level, listed in this section are the United States Supreme Court and all Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. We take great pride in our ability to serve you in the federal appellate system on a national level and to guarantee court acceptance of all documents filed. Through a close working relationship with your personal LEX paralegal, the intricacies of appellate procedure are navigated in a professional and expeditious manner.

We operate extensively, but not exclusively, in the Virginia, DC and Maryland State and Federal Courts of Appeals. This is a reflection of our current geographical locations (Richmond, Virginia and Washington, D.C.). However, we are on the move and presently researching potential expansion locations. One of the major goals of The LEX Group, through this site, is to obtain feedback from you, appellate attorneys, on where we need to expand to better serve your needs. Your comments and suggestions are significant determiners for our planned office expansion.

We, here at The LEX Group, take pride in our ability to serve all the Courts listed in this section. Two of the many interesting and challenging aspects of our job are answering your specific procedural questions and keeping you up to date with rule changes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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